Epsilon Net Group: New cooperation with Interasco AEGA for its connection with the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) through the myDATA Hub solution

Objectives: – Enhance Interasco’s digital transformation – Achieving a valid & timely interface with the IAPR’s myDATA platform

Interasco AEGA decided to strengthen its digital transformation and achieve a good and timely interface with the myDATA platform of IAPR, and, at the same time, the complete coverage of the needs of its customer service department and partners. Thus, they trusted the Epsilon Net Group to implement the myDATA Hub application, an innovative SaaS solution for the direct and flexible interconnection of its system with the myDATA platform of IAPR.

Interasco AEGA is one of the most historical companies in the Greek insurance industry, with 131 years of presence. It was 1891 when its predecessor was founded, while since 2006, it has been a member of Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Ltd. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of insurance solutions and programs for individuals and businesses.

MyDATA Hub is a middleware tool between business ERP and the myDATA platform. It is compatible with any third-party ERP system, allowing instant business alignment easily, with absolute security and low cost. In addition, the application fully automates all the needs of the management of Electronic Books of AADE through a central, unified system, without requiring any changes in the company’s computer system, in the Accounting Plan, the Register of Transactions, or the way of registering the documents.

With the completion and receipt of the SaaS solution, myDATA Hub, the insurance company Interasco A.E.G.A. can now:

  1. Increase the productivity of its core users with an easy, flexible, and customizable interface tool
  2. Save time through minimum initialization and fast user familiarity
  3. Benefits from the optimal communication management with the myDATA platform (IAPR) through a single system.
  4. Minimize the overall TCO, as it does not require investments in equipment or infrastructure while ensuring timely and valid adaptation to an ever-changing legal environment.


The main criteria for choosing the solution were the completeness of the functions and the unlimited possibilities it has. Moreover, it was highly important the harmonization with the requirements of the IAPR e-books. Additionally, the previous cooperation with the Epsilon Net Group to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and its continuous development and upgrade to modern versions, to fully meet the needs of the customer service department and partners, was taken under consideration.