PYLON Hybrid: The New Hybrid Era in Business

The EPSILON NET Group and Epsilon SingularLogic present the new upgraded platform for the digital era! #TheNewHybridBusinessEra
PYLON platform The PYLON platform, which counts more than 20,000 installations and has received the most ERP awards in the market, has been developed with the most advanced software development tools and already occupies a leading position in business software in the private sector of the Greek IT market. The platform’s development team, staying on top of the global trends, as to the multi-level perspective on technological development, presents the new era of the PYLON platform, in which the integration of hybrid technology – Hybrid consists the latest and most important advantage.   PYLON Hybrid- Hybrid Technology The hybrid technology ensures that access, use and operation of all systems can be done through clients, as well as from Web explorer or mobile apps, while at the same time it contributes to the rapid development of any custom application, according to the business needs. Regardless of size and sector, every business that adopts the PYLON Hybrid solution gets full coverage of its needs, either on premise or in a cloud environment by utilizing MICROSOFT and Microsoft Azure technologies.   360° solutions for every sector With the comprehensive innovative PYLON Hybrid platform, the EPSILON NET Group covers, at every level, all the needs of the market for small, medium and complex IT projects.   The platform incorporates new features designed to unlock the best and most productive software experience, aimed to the continuous evolution of businesses innovation, across all sectors of industry, commerce and services, such as:  
  • Food & Beverage
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Health & Medicine
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Power & Energy
  Unique advantages of the PYLON Hybrid application
  1. Control and Drastic cost reduction
  2. Less Complexity
  3. Immediate response to specialized business requirements
  4. Simplification of corporate processes – increased productivity
  5. Integration of administrative information
  At the same time, Epsilon SingularLogic Intergrator, the most specialized business consultant regarding IT projects for companies, based on PYLON Hybrid, provides combined solutions that ensure interoperability with third-party systems. For example:
  • production machines and productivity measurement systems
  • 3PL & Fleet Management software
  • B2B and B2C systems
  • government systems (myDATA)
aiming for a seamless use of technology and achieving the ideal performance.   The new PYLON Hybrid changes the facts! The unique all-in-one solution of the Greek IT industry, covers every business need, easily, quickly and reliably